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We select all steps to meet your tasks.

We do our best to fully protect your brand. We take into account the optimal use of your budget. Our approach is based on three principles:

  • We appreciate your individuality and peculiarities of the task. We study your product in detail from all sides. We ask the right questions to clearly understand your goals.
  • We carry out all actions in your interests. We offer for consideration only those strategy options that will definitely not harm, but will help to comprehensively protect the product.
  • We are responsible for the result.

We try to involve you as little as possible in the process after agreeing upon a common strategy.

You delegate to us all questions regarding the registration of the trademark. We solve them ourselves and settle all the details. We inform you about the stage of registration, and at the final stage we pass the certificate.

  • In contrast to what is customary on the market, here you communicate with a patent attorney directly and receive his advice. This provides a greater understanding of all aspects of the case.
  • Punctuality in everything. The price of services is fixed and does not change in the course of work. We adhere to the specified deadlines.
  • We provide full management of the process of registration of the trademark and further – after 10 years we remind you of the need to renew it.

The cost of the service includes an unlimited number of verbal consultations of a patent attorney – by phone or at the company’s office.

Payment is staged. First, we submit an application and wait for the examination decision allowing your product to be registered. And only then we issue an invoice for the certificate.

With this format, you do not pay for extra services in packages. Correct the data when changing the product promotion strategy. For example, change the logo.

We will optimize your expenses:

  • We offer only the necessary classes of the International Classification of Goods and Services. This protects you from overpayments
  • We offer a free “Express Trademark Search”
  • We submit an application electronically, thanks to which you save 30% on state fees

We always adhere to the deadlines.

This is noted by all our clients. Depending on the urgency of the task, we offer two options for registering a trademark provided for by Russian law.

  • Standard registration: 8 to 10 months
  • Urgent registration: 2 months.
  • In order to meet the deadlines, our specialists draw up an application in this way in order to avoid requests from Rospatent. Our applications are considered on the first try.
Efficiency — 98% of applications
are registered
We have been working since 1989.
We received and registered 11,500 patents and trademarks during this time.
All applications are under the personal control of the company’s chief patent attorney. His personal experience is 22 years.
Stages of work and cost of
our services
Express search for a trademark
Feature: we are looking for a designation for registered trademarks. If we find a match, we recommend that you modify the trademark. This allows you to avoid the expense of a full search at the outset.

Term – from 1 hour to 1 day


Full search in the Rospatent database.
Includes applications:
• registered in Russia and abroad,
• submitted for registration, but not yet received a certificate
Feature. You know for sure if your trademark can be registered

Term – 1 to 10 days

From 10,000 rubles.

Submission of an application
Feature. We draw up the application in such a way as to avoid requests from the state bodies.

Term – 1 to 3 days

From 25,000 rubles per 1 designation

1,500 rubles for each of classes of the International Classification of Goods and Services, over 3

Additionally – fees, FIPS tariff for acceleration with a 30% discount

An application goes through 2 stages of examination in the registration authority
Stage No. 1. Formal examination
Feature. Our applications are accepted on the first try
• Term – 14 to 30 days
• The expert of the state body checks the correctness of filling out the application and the presence of all the necessary documents. In the absence of comments, he sends the “Decision on the acceptance of the application for consideration”

Stage No. 2. Examination on the merits
Feature. Rospatent checks the compliance of the designation with legal requirements. At the stage of full paid search, we identify and eliminate possible difficulties.

1 to 7 months

Urgent – 1.5 months

Certificate for a trademark
Feature. After receiving a decision to register a trademark, all stages of verification have been passed and there are no obstacles to registration. You just have to pay a state fee.

The state fee is 14,200 rubles.

Services – 10,000 rubles.

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