Sergei Viacheslavovich Volkov
Founder of the company
Our goal is to get you guaranteed permission to register, and not “sell the package at any cost, and then as luck would have it”. We are against marketing, where usually only the one who promises a lot wins. We are for marketing, when in fact both sides win.
Registration of inventions with a guarantee
Not a single refusal from Rospatent since 1989 And this is easy to verify! Patent registration is considered by many to be a routine bureaucratic procedure that “just needs to be done”. This is not true. Preparation for registration of an invention and patenting itself is a complex scientific and legal work in which 1) competence, 2) experience, and 3) non-standard thinking of attorneys are extremely important. “VIS” company is one of the few who never use “package services” for such work. Yes, fixed price package service sounds great to the customer. But in practice, this does not work. Each new application is always a unique set of input data with different levels of solution.
3 cases in which we will
obtain a patent for you
There is only an idea
Together we will explore the idea from all sides. We will ask a lot of clarifying questions and form an agenda for searching for analogs. When the picture is clear, we’ll start preparing
There is an idea and developments
We thoroughly study the documentation and drawings. After searching and analyzing analogs, we give guidelines for changes or improvements that will allow you to submit a win-win application.
There is a ready-made solution
We will conduct a verification search, and, if everything is okay, we will draw up an application, a description, a formula and an abstract, as well as other documents. And, of course, we will be sensitively overseeing the entire subsequent process.
7 questions your patent
examiner should answer “Yes”
Do you have a specialized education in the field to which my development belongs?
Can you provide examples when clients received patents in our profile direction?
Have you worked as a patent examiner for more than 10 years?
Can you immediately name 5 related areas where we will conduct an additional search for analogs?
Are you ready to provide specific guidance on upgrading, eliminating weaknesses, or modifying the invention, if necessary?
Are you able to write down the claims in detail for passing inspection by a departmental expert at Rospatent?
Can a patent examiner propose a transparent plan for preparing an invention for registration?
That the incompetence of a specialist will not cause him any special problems, but it can completely ruin the future of your invention and all your plans related to obtaining a patent.
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What is the benefit of having a patent for
an invention?
Business expansion
Having a patent opens up completely different levels of profit and brand awareness
Trust of customers and partners
Market participants who have everything patented are treated differently. This is a different status and a completely different format of work.
Veto right
You can not only prevent others from using your invention, but also sell, import or export products manufactured under a patent.
Predicted future
You don’t have to worry about someone stealing or copying your idea. Your future and plans for it are protected by a patent.
Eased crediting
Banks and credit organizations feel great about a person having a patent and often offer more loyal and interesting conditions.
Tempo battle
Better to patent the invention in advance, before someone else does it. Unfortunately, delay here is disastrous.
“VIS” and patent registration
are a great tandem
Work with documents:

  • We speak and write in a “patent” language. We know this niche

  • Reputation of “those who do not make mistakes”. Rospatent trusts us

  • Preparation of complex documents (formula, abstract, drawings, etc.)

  • We will notify you about each new document from the state body


  • Experience in registering patents since 1989

  • Not a single refusal from Rospatent

  • Registered 20,000+ patents and trademarks

  • Average experience of experts - 25+ years


  • We announce the costs in advance, and do not just present with a fait

  • Prices are quite standard. Work level is exclusive

  • We do not impose unnecessary and secondary services

  • Transparent cost of work with the report for each ruble


  • We do not tolerate deception and profit from ignorance of customers

  • We are for the partner relations

  • We explain honestly to clarify, not to confuse

  • No pipelined style. For each client we have individual solutions


  • We study your idea or development to complete, absolute clarity

  • We plan strategies for sure so that you do not fail

  • We carry out a search even for non-obvious niches and signs

  • We make the value of the application as obvious as possible for mandatory registration

Stages of registration of an
invention on a turnkey basis
When there is only an idea
If you have only an idea so far without drawings, plans, documentation, and so on, you need to explore its potential.


  • Selection of a specialized patent attorney
  • Your detailed answers to clarifying questions from a patent specialist and patent attorney
  • After clarifying the picture – the formation of a search plan and the search itself

Timing –

Search for analogues
If you already have some studies, you need to clarify them in detail to form a search request using professional questions and clarifications of our expert. Then the search will begin for analogs.

Important search rules:

A patent search is carried out in the presence of the most complete description of an object or method. Otherwise, the study may not affect all existing analogs, which will lead to requests, or worse, refusal from Rospatent.

It is possible to describe the novelty and confirm the inventive step of the object only by opposing it to its closest analogue. This is what a very strong patent examiner is needed for.


  • Formation of transparent queries for search
  • Search in international patent databases
  • Patent search report with recommendations of a patent specialist
  • If there is no interference, then we go to the next step. If there is, then we modify the object in accordance with the instructions of the patent attorney and submit for registration of the invention.

Timing –

Preparation of the invention for state registration
The most difficult stage. The cost can differ several times and directly depends on the amount of information formulated on the patented object.

For example, if you bring the most complete set of documents, preparation will take a couple of days and will not exceed 10,000 rubles. If your invention exists so far only in the form of a thought and you need qualified assistance in describing a technical solution, the cost is calculated individually.


  • Description of the invention 
  • Drawing up an application for an invention
  • Writing an abstract
  • A summary of the description
  • Drawings, graphics and other auxiliary materials (optional, as required.

Timing –

Submission of an application to Rospatent
Do you have all data collected? Is the description of the invention drawn up in as much detail as possible, and the abstract and the formula are described taking into account all requirements of the law? Then we submit an application to Rospatent


Formal examination. The expert of the body checks the correctness of filling out the application and the presence of all the necessary documents in the set. If all the papers are in place, and there are no questions to filling out, Rospatent sends a “Decision on accepting the application for consideration”

Timing –

Examination on the merits. Rospatent searches for similar designations and checks it for compliance with the legislation. If the search did not find similar designations, and the mark itself does not contain symbols and words that contradict the law, we receive a “Decision to register a trademark”

Timing –

Obtaining a patent
Congratulations, you have received your invention patent!

Do you want to register your invention for sure and as quickly as possible? Let us do everything for you!
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