Instruction from idea
to international
We file an application for a patent or trademark. We draw up a description of the object. We prepare documents for registration.
Submission of an application to Rospatent
We submit documents to the Russian Patent Office. After receiving information on the application, we proceed to the next stage.
Applying for an international patent or trademark
We are preparing a package of documents for filing for registration under one of the systems of international registration of intellectual property
Business without borders
With an international patent and trademark, you can:
  • start the production of your goods in another country and enter the international market in a completely legal way
  • open a representative office of your company and provide services, sell goods under your own brand
  • find partners in the international business arena, transfer rights to them under a license and receive permanent income
Subtleties of international
Secret data
The first application for an invention must be filed in Russia (Article 1395 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation). Verification takes place within 2-6 months
Not having time to submit an application within 12 months?
Register your invention under the PCT system. This will provide a grace period for another 18 months.
Convention priority
To preserve the priority of the application, documents for the international registration of a patent for an invention should be submitted no later than 12 months from the date of filing of the Russian application. 6 months are given for an industrial design.
Which international patenting system to choose?
Registration of an international patent under the PCT system, registration with the European Patent Office, with the Eurasian Patent Office or under the national procedure? An experienced patent attorney will analyze your situation and suggest the most reliable, fastest and least costly way for you to obtain an international patent.
Filing the first application with the national office
To start the international registration of a trademark, it is necessary to start the procedure for obtaining a title of protection at the national office. It can be either Russia or any other country in the world
International registration of a trademark takes on average 8 to 12 months.
Madrid system of registration of the trademark
To register a trademark under the Madrid system, registration is required with the national office of any country.
Which system for the international registration of a trademark to choose?
It all depends on the specific case, but most often entrepreneurs choose to register a trademark under the Madrid system. This way will be less costly and faster by filing one application in several countries.
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