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The rights to the program code or database can be protected with a certificate for a computer program or database.

At the same time, creation of such products often implies the development of an interface, the appearance of an object, which can be protected with a patent for an industrial design.

In addition, the name of the program can be a brand and qualify for registration as a trademark.

Such an integrated approach allows you to protect your business from possible complications in advance and does not leave competitors a chance to dispute over the product. From the very beginning, we have specialized exclusively in the registration and protection of intellectual property.

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protection of VIS
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Attorney services for the preparation of a set of documents for registration with Rospatent
20,000 rubles
State fees for registration of a computer program: for individuals
3,000 rubles
For legal entities
4,500 rubles
You may need: Registration of a trademark with Rospatent
from 27,000 rubles + duties
You may need: Registration of an industrial design with Rospatent
from 45,000 rubles + duties
in 3 steps
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What do you
need to start registration?
Data on Copyright Holders (individuals or legal entities)
Data about Authors (individuals)
Name of the computer program
Annotation with a descriptive part of the functionality, application, purpose and other important information about the program
Programming language used in the program
Operating system
Size of the source code (KB/MB)
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You can register yourself
or entrust it to specialists
Time consuming
You need to carefully study the requirements for paperwork. One mistake can lead to refusal of registration.
High risk of rejection
For a layman, there is a high chance of wasting time. You simply may not be aware of all the details of the procedure.
Risk of consequences
If you do not examine the situation from different points of view, problems with your product may arise over time. For example, your competitors may initiate legal proceedings.
Incomplete protection
Your product can be protected by different types of intellectual property objects. Not only with the help of a certificate for the program, but also a patent for an industrial design, a trademark and others.
Being late with the registration application
For example, you were crafting the subtleties and bringing everything to perfection, and at this time your opponents have already received a patent.
Comprehensive protection
We look at the object from all angles and always offer a full range of intellectual property protection.
Timely steps
Depending on what stage of IP development you are at, we recommend certain prompt actions to protect it.
Thoroughly and deeply
We develop in advance a strategy of protection against the actions of competitors. We are helped by the experience of working with clients from different business areas and countries.
Registration on the first try
Our patent attorneys have 23 years of experience in registering IP objects with Rospatent. We know what to do and how.
We submit an application in one working day. We have developed effective electronic interaction with Rospatent and other government agencies.
What does the presence of a certificate for
a computer program or database give ?
Scaling your business. Possibility to conclude licensing agreements, contracts of commercial concession, agreements of pledge or alienation for a computer program and database.
Unambiguous prohibition of others from using your program.
You can first register your rights to the product before someone else does.
Customer confidence. Confirmation of the official status of your product in their eyes.
Customer confidence. Confirmation of the official status of your product in their eyes.
The ability to sell the program, make money on the transfer of rights under a license.
Use ownership to obtain a loan.