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Trademarks are designations serving for individualization of goods of certain legal entities or individual entrepreneurs. Either a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur may be the owner of exclusive rights to a trademark. Physical persons may not act as applicants under a trademark application. Verbal, figurative (pictorial), three-dimensional designations, or any combinations thereof may be registered as trademarks. A trademark may be registered in any color or combination of colors.

What do you need to register a trademark or obtain exclusive rights thereto?
What is the registration procedure?
What documents and information shall be presented to register a trademark?

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Why do we need trademarks?

Registration is first and foremost necessary to make yourself safe from unfair competition and business practices. In the Russian Federation there is no compulsory registration of trademarks (service marks), which result in the increased events of theft of the blown designations that have no trademark certificates. A businessman invests huge moneys in promoting the office, to ensure awareness its location under his/her logo, in salaries to the employees, and naturally in advertising (because without advertising it is as useful as blowing a kiss to a girl in a dark room which is mighty good however you are the only person aware of that fact) everywhere whereupon he/she, quite of a sudden, receives a claim prohibiting him/her to use his/her own designation as the name which general public have already kept in mind and know that the firm has its seat in a certain place which they may visit without a preliminary telephone call. And you will have to change such name. In the legal sense it will be totally lawful and sound. That is why you should register your trademarks - just to hold yourself and your business harmless from suchlike unnecessary problems. At first, the registration procedure may seem rather expensive however we definitely believe that for the sake of your future peace and quiet, for protecting your business, it is worth doing for once only, since the trademark validity term is 10 years, with an option to extend it for 10 more years, and then for extra 10 years, whereupon you will assign it from one generation to another.

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