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All types of intellectual property may become subject to different transactions. The right to intellectual property may be sold, transferred for a certain time period, collateralized.

VIS lawyers provide the whole scope of services in rendering support to all types of transactions in intellectual property. Our company professionals will help you develop or check all the documents required for a successful transaction including, but not limited to:

  • license agreements
  • agreements for alienation of exclusive rights
  • franchise agreements
  • contracts of pledge, and other contracts and/or agreements

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License Agreement
It will become necessary to execute a license agreement if you want to authorize another person to use your trademark, patent, software, or another property.

Franchise Agreement
Franchise agreements should be entered into where you want to describe therein a set of several types of intellectual property.

Right Alienation or Cession Agreement
You will have to enter into such agreement if you want to transfer (sell) your rights to intellectual property in full.

Contract of Pledge
Contracts of pledge should be registered to allow a bank or another third party pledging your intellectual property as security.

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