Audi has reached an agreement with Fiat on Q2 and Q4 names

German auto group Audi has patented the right to use Q2 and Q4 trademarks. The company has managed to settle the issue with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles alliance that was the previous owner of the aforesaid names.

Audi head Rupert Schtadler did not however disclose on what certain terms and conditions the company succeeded to come to the agreement with Fiat. Schtadler has only mentioned that the company made attempts to buy Q2 and Q4 names many years ago, however Fiat denied the request. This year, according to Audi head, they have reactivated the offer subsequently accepted by Italian auto group.

According to estimates, Audi will use Q2 name for its compact crossover, which debut is planned for this spring, during Geneva auto show. Q4 name will be given to a coupe-like version of Audi Q3 crossover.

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