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Audi has reached an agreement with Fiat on Q2 and Q4 names

German auto group Audi has patented the right to use Q2 and Q4 trademarks. The company has managed to settle the issue with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles alliance that was the previous owner of the aforesaid names.

16 Mar. 2016

A Chinese broadcasting station melody is being registered as trademark

According to Xinhua news agency, Chine will soon register its first sound trademark – a melody of a public broadcasting station.

16 Mar. 2016


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«VIS» Company


VIS has been presented on the legal services market from 1989.

The incorporator and first head of the company is one of the most reputed patent attorneys in the legal community, Vyacheslav Sergeevich Volkov.

Vyacheslav Sergeevich has made great contribution to development of the legislative system in the field of intellectual property, and was distinguished among the best lawyers engaged in protection of intellectual property rights.

About the company

At present, more than 50 VIS patent attorneys and lawyers offer consultations and render professional support with respect to different intellectual property objects including, without limitation, trademarks, inventions, utility models, designs, software, data bases, trade names, know how, artworks, etc.

VIS patent attorneys make and draw up and register license agreements, contracts of pledge, and franchise agreements. They also represent the clients before the Chamber for Patent Disputes, courts, and other administrative authorities, in events of breaching exclusive rights and restraint of unfair competition and business practices.

Over the last 25 years, the company has earned public confidence because it spared no effort to provide the best quality of legal services and demonstrated custom-tailored approach to every client.

In addition to solicitation, VIS lawyers successfully handle cases for out-of-court settlement of disputes.

Many large Russian and international companies as well as a good many representatives of mid-sized and small business, public entities, scientific institutions and universities trust VIS lawyers.

Company’s private clients include many successful businessmen as well as people having gained recognition in various fields of public life.

Very often clients seek VIS services in the phase of starting up their businesses. Our legal support has contributed to success and worldwide fame of many people.

VIS attorneys at law have wide connections in the field of intellectual property both in Russia and abroad. In the course of the years of work the most reputed patent companies worldwide have become our partners.

Our employees have extensive professional experience and expertise in Russian and foreign laws in the field of intellectual properties protection.

Professionals willing to help you and contribute to development and success of your business work for our company. We register trademarks and patents in Russia and worldwide.

Through our help you will succeed in creating, protecting and adding value to your intellectual property.


VIS attorneys at law are open for discussing cooperation with the firms and entities engaged in such fields and areas as:

  • Legal services, registration of companies
  • Design of logos, web-sites
  • Advertising, naming agencies
  • Accounting firms
  • Business communities, etc.

For our part, we guarantee professional approach and high quality of services rendered.
As a result of partnership with our company you will significantly expand the scope of services you offer.
Please feel free to contact us by mail for more details and with any questions in connection with cooperation.

  • The order of state registration of intellectual property

    At present the services of patent attorneys in Russia become very popular among both physical persons and companies.

    We will describe below a number of provisions that will help you unscramble and comprehend the structure of intellectual property protection.

    Protection of Trademarks, Logos, Brands, Trade Names

    Registration of a trademark developed by a company allows protection of such company’s right to use of its own brand, name or logo.

    A trademark may be represented in a number of different ways that is by word, view, or both. Regardless of the way of making such designation, it may be registered both in Russia and abroad. Such procedure is necessary for each business entrepreneur who desires to make himself / herself safe from unfair competition or business practices.

    In our professional opinion, such procedure should start from search (of analogs) among the earlier registered trademarks of those pending registration. The said procedure shall be run by a professional patent attorney who will be able to draw up an expert opinion and adjust the designation available, if and where necessary.

    We would also recommend you to come up with the type and number of classes of goods and services. A qualified patent attorney will help you choose all necessary activities that will subsequently allow you performing your operations conveniently and without any hindrances.

    • Protection of Design, Commercial Prototype

      Registration of design solutions implies protection of design, appearance of an item. This may be a vessel for beverages or perfume, or action figures of cartoon or comics characters. In a word, this refers to any types of products tailored in its inimitable style.

      Registration of such intellectual property should be also started from search of similar items. Should such sample not be patented yet, you may proceed to the registration procedure.

      Protection of Invention, Utility Model, Know How

      Registration of an idea, utility model or know how as an invention is the best way to protect your creature and also a legally correct approach to managing your intellectual property.

      All sorts of devices, appliances, recipes and a host of other things shall be examined for similarity and registered as soon as possible, if and where there are no similar patents, since only the holder of the priority copyright application will have the exclusive right to the item rather than the person who was the first to have such idea and intention.

      Protection of Software and Data Base

      Registration of software and data base will not only contribute to you further freehold disposal of your own products and control of its use by any third parties whatsoever but will also allow gaining additional proceeds under license and/or other agreements and/or contracts.

      Intellectual Property Protection and Management through Agreements/Contracts

      Registration of an agreement/contract entered into by and between the certificate or patent owner and a person who desires to use such exclusive rights is governed through a license agreement, contract of alienation, or franchise agreement.

      Intellectual property income may be managed through such aforesaid agreements/contracts only if and where such agreements are duly registered with RosPatent.